Its official name is Punta Socastro but it is known as “O Fuciño do Porco”. This singular name, meaning pig’s snout in English, hides the cape where an impressive route is located. It runs along a wooden pedestrian walkway and offers an amazing walk between cliffs that look out over the Cantabrian Sea.

At the entrance to the Viveiro estuary, in O Vicedo, this impressive viewpoint rises above the Pereira and Area Grande beaches. We are facing a route that runs through wooden walkways with some stairs and that allows you to enjoy a spectacular landscape that ranges from Xove to Bares, providing views that will leave you speechless. The sensation of walking on these footbridges is magical because you are enjoying the area and, finally, you will be able to see the sea from a privileged situation.


To visit it we recommend you to leave your car near the Abrela beach and from there you must take the blue path that will take you directly to O Fuciño do Porco. You must go up the road until you reach a dirt track on the right, then walking among eucalyptus trees you will see a fork, always keep to the left along the widest path until when you approach the walkways you can see the sea. Once you reach the catwalks, walk them without haste, enjoy the fantastic environment until you reach the light beacon that indicates the end of the route. Although it is a route with stairs and some that goes up and down, it is a highly recommended route to do with children, they will love it.



It will not be possible to enter before the time of the reservation. You need to be punctual on arrival and departure. There is a municipal car park at the access point with a cheaper price than the rest. SEE LOCATION
  1. Each reservation will have a maximum duration of 45 minutes.
  2. It will not be accessible before the reservation time and it will be necessary to leave the place before 45 minutes.
  3. A person may make their own reservation and that of their companions in a single process.
  4. The holder of the reservation must present the confirmation of the reservation received by email in any format (paper, digital …)
  5.  Minimum technical requirements for online booking: Devices and operating systems updated to the latest versions.
  6. Important: Correctly write the email address (check that it is so).
  7. If you cannot make the reservation online, you can request it by sending an email to reservas@puntafucinodoporco.gal.


We remind you of some tips so that you can enjoy your visit in complete safety so that the experience is completely satisfactory.

  • Don’t forget that you visit an area of ​​cliffs, beautiful, but risky.
  • Do not leave the delimited path for the visit in any case.
  • Do not lean on the rails, much less climb on them.
  • Do not approach the cliffs in any case.
  • Do not throw stones, sticks or anything else into the sea, empty spaces or any space.
  • If children accompany you, take them by the hand and at your side at all times.
  • If you go with a pet, always keep it on a leash and according to the legal regulations on the matter.
  • If you take photographs, video or any other, always take them from the path and never off it, ensuring your safety and that of the people who appear in the shot at all times.
  • Always show civil and polite behavior towards people and the natural environment.
  • Respect the COVID-19 health regulations at all times (use of masks, interpersonal distance, common sense …).


It will not be possible to enter before the time of the reservation. You need to be punctual on arrival and departure.

Debido aos danos sufridos polos temporais, que provocaron derrumbes no acceso, o paso a Fuciño do Porco está pechado ata novo aviso

Debido a los daños sufridos por los temporales, que provocaron derrumbes en el acceso, el paso a Fuciño do Porco queda cerrado hasta nuevo aviso

Due to the damage suffered by the storms, which caused collapses in the access, the passage to Fuciño do Porco is closed until further notice